Dear Ana,

You and I are something that I never thought would be, I’ll start off by saying. You were never in my plan as a little girl, nor my plan here as an adult. That’s the funny part of living, isn’t it? You never know what’s going to enter your life, good or bad. You never know what tomorrow will bring or if in a matter of moments, you will be a different person than you were before. I hate you more than I love you and yet, the pulls of my heart in your direction are increasingly more difficult to ignore these days. This is just the beginning perhaps. The beginning of my struggles, my strength, my life and maybe a new found faith built upon the foundations I already have. I’m not afraid of losing you, I’m more afraid of losing me. I’m not going to coddle you like some lost puppy, but I also cannot see myself pouring out to you what is left inside in order to gain some peace of mind. 

So this is a start of sorts, conversations with you, no matter how wonderful or dreadful my soul of emotions becomes. I have plenty of honesty to give and I know you’re here to listen.

As for right now, I’m okay. 


Conversations With Ana,

Hello everyone,

I want to reach out to my followers first and whomever else would like to hop on board. I have never been outspoken on my blog, but everyone needs a change here and there. If there is interest, here will be my conversations with Ana, my life with faith and ultimately, the goal of a book. Perhaps you may enjoy my writing, so do let me know. Here’s to hope, love, loss and this very confusing and difficult thing we call life.